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Man sentenced to 18 years for collision that injured four teens


Author: Kyle Nelson Published: 2:06 PM MDT May 4, 2017

Frederick Veloz Jr. was sentenced to 18 years in prison Thursday for a violent, high-speed collision in Thornton last August.

"Frederick Veloz was literally every parent's nightmare," said Chief District Attorney Brian Mason. "He was high on meth, drunk on alcohol and, behind the wheel of his black truck, a blazing out-of-control weapon of death."

Veloz, 33, was eluding police and speeding over 70 mph the wrong way down Washington Ave. in Thornton when he slammed into a car carrying four teenagers. Veloz fled on foot before being arrested by Thornton police.

"It's a miracle that those teenagers survived," Mason said. "The defendant is lucky that he is not being sentenced today for quadruple vehicular homicide."

Veloz pleaded guilty to 18 charges, including vehicular assault while driving under the influence, DUI, and reckless vehicular assault.

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