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Racism & the Criminal Justice System

Racism, discrimination and social injustice have plagued our country since its founding. Our criminal justice system has perpetuated racial injustice through the over-incarceration of Black, Hispanic and other people of color. We must urgently address this crisis. Doing so is one of my top priorities as your next District Attorney

As the chief law enforcement official in the 17th Judicial District I will:

  • Eliminate the school to prison pipeline

  • Emphasize alternatives to incarceration

  • Expand our Diversion Program and increase our use of specialty courts

  • Hire a diverse work force that reflects the community we serve

  • Train attorneys and staff on explicit and implicit bias and racism

  • Evaluate our charging decisions to eliminate any racial discrimination in charging

  • Create a civilian review board to increase transparency

  • Vigorously investigate and prosecute incidents of police brutality

  • Invest in schools and young people, as well as community organizations and partners

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