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My number one priority as your District Attorney is community safety.  To that end, I will focus on the most dangerous offenders and the most dangerous cases in order to keep our community safe.   As your next District Attorney, I will prioritize the prosecution of:

  • Violent crimes 

  • Sexual assault and human trafficking

  • Domestic violence

  • Crimes against children and the elderly

  • Hate crimes and bias motivated crimes

  • Drug distribution


What does this mean?  First, it means protecting and fighting for victims.  My priority as District Attorney is to keep the community safe, starting with protecting the most vulnerable among us.  This means a strong focus on domestic violence victims, sexual assault victims, human trafficking victims, child victims, elderly victims, and those who are targeted because of the color of their skin, their religion, their immigrant status, their gender or their sexual orientation.  

I will seek funding for a domestic violence shelter to give domestic violence victims a safe place to go.  I will make our office a leader in the fight against human trafficking. I will go after those who harm children, the elderly and the defenseless.  I will target those who are distributing large amounts of drugs in our community. And I will focus on those whose repeat offenses make them a threat to community safety.  


In order to keep our community safe, we must make our criminal justice system better. 

As your next District Attorney, I will:

  • Pursue justice with integrity in every case

  • Seek alternatives to jail for non-violent offenders, people with substance abuse disorders and the mentally ill

  • Expand our diversion program to keep those who do not belong in the criminal justice system out altogether 

  • Invest in our veterans’ court, drug court and mental health programs to provide services to those who need help 


The District Attorney must have the wisdom and judgment to determine when a defendant poses a danger to the community vs. when a person has made a mistake and needs help getting back on his feet.  For those in the latter category, the criminal justice system needs to do better. As your next District Attorney, I will pursue justice with integrity in every case. We will expand and improve our diversion program, invest in specialty courts, and work to provide help to those in need.    


Racism, discrimination and social injustice have plagued our country since its founding. Our criminal justice system has perpetuated racial injustice through the over-incarceration of Black, Hispanic and other people of color. We must urgently address this crisis. Doing so is one of my top priorities as your next District Attorney


As your next District Attorney, I will:

  • Work towards ending the school to prison pipeline

  • Emphasize alternatives to incarceration

  • Expand our Diversion Program and increase our use of specialty courts

  • Hire a diverse work force that reflects the community we serve

  • Train attorneys and staff on explicit and implicit bias and racism

  • Evaluate our charging decisions to eliminate any racial discrimination in charging

  • Create a civilian review board to increase transparency

  • Vigorously investigate and prosecute incidents of police brutality

  • Invest in schools and young people, as well as community organizations and partners


The District Attorney’s Office should be committed to helping prevent crime, not just prosecuting it. To do this, we must do a better job of educating our residents and collaborating with community partners.

As your next District Attorney, I will:

  • Increase outreach, engagement and collaboration with schools and community organizations to educate and prevent crime

  • Teach crime prevention techniques to senior citizens and others so they don’t fall victim to fraud and scams

  • Partner with law enforcement agencies to prevent crime and keep our community safe


The single most important character trait of a District Attorney is integrity. My philosophy as your next District Attorney is this: “Do the Right Thing. At all Times. In Every Case. No matter what.” This is what I teach new attorneys and the standard I hold my experienced attorneys to as well. Doing the right thing means pursuing justice with integrity – it means
looking at each individual case for what it is and doing what’s right for the community, the victim and the defendant.


As your next District Attorney, I will:

  • Do the right thing in every case and teach my attorneys to do the same

  • Be a leader of integrity for the DA’s office, our community and our state

  • Demand the highest standards of ethics and excellence for all prosecutors

  • Uphold the principles of truth, justice and the rule of law

In our society and political culture now, truth and justice are under attack as never before. As your next District Attorney, truth and justice will be my calling card. I will make the District Attorney’s Office a model of integrity that will serve as an example to others.
And I will hold all of my prosecutors and staff to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.​

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